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Translation Quality Control

Our translations are subject to a strict quality control process in order to ensure that your documentation is in safe hands:

  1. The customer emails his/her contact, who, in addition to the material to be translated, will ask him/her to supply any other necessary information: reference documents, previous translations (if satisfactory), glossaries... to ensure maximum consistency and quality. Prior to each project, an offer will be made with a firm deadline.

  2. The translation is carried out by a domain specialist with a profile that matches the type of documentation as closely as possible. All our translators have university degrees in translation or in one of our specialist subject areas, and only work into their mother tongues. Moreover, they all have at least three years of experience in financial translation.

  3. Should you so wish, the translated documents can be subsequently QAed or proofread by another equally qualified linguist. If necessary, the reviewed documentation will be sent back to the translator so that s/he can approve the changes.

The QA process includes ensuring that everything is translated, doing final spelling and grammar checks and verifying that any reference material or glossaries have been followed and the terminology used consistently. In addition to this, proofreading also strives to ensure that the document reads as if written in the target language.

Throughout the process, the customer's documentation is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

You can rest assured that your documentation is in good hands!

Note on EN-15038:2006: Our definition of QA is pretty close to that of "Review" under EN-15038:2006, which defines a Review as "examining a translation for its suitability for the agreed purpose, and respect for the conventions of the domain to which it belongs and recommending corrective measures". Our definition of proofreading, however, goes beyond this and provides a higher quality level.